EVPar              *****

Jessica handled my Lakeside home sale with expertise. She was always available for questions and advice. If she didn’t have the answer…she found out and got back to me quickly She knows the area and the sale went smoothly. I would recommend Jessica to anyone in San Diego East County.


summersmith1980      *****

I highly recommend Jessica if you are looking to buy or sell your home! She was there every step of the way when I purchased my first home when I sold my first home and bought my second home! She had my house sell in ONE week! She was very dedicated to keeping me informed throughout the entire process each time I bought or sold. If you are looking for someone you can trust and will work hard for you, Jessica is the one!


melissa171     *****

There really is not enough that I could say about Jecka!! As a first time buyer in 2008, I was a bit nervous about making that plunge as a home buyer, especially on a Foreclosed property and how the market was. However, Jecka made the process virtually painless and was patient enough to explain everything that was happening as the process went along, returned all my calls and showed me that she really had my best interest throughout the entire purchase. I HIGHLY recommend her to any home buyer or seller – CONTACT JECKA FIRST – you won’t be sorry!!!!


andrea jeric        *****

Jessica St. John did a fantastic job at selling our town-home in record time and at a great price. Jessica helped stage our home and we had 3 excellent offers after just 3 days! She is very professional, communicated well, knows her business, and was a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her.


user16531387       *****

Jessica was outstanding: she made sure we knew all our options and kept us informed throughout the selling process; she had our house sold in two weeks for more than the listing price! We would recommend Jecka to anyone who is looking for a smart and personable agent who will work hard to earn your trust and sell your home.


todd b12         *****

Our family met Jessica in late 2014 with our house being ready to be foreclosed upon. We filed but did not complete a bk to postpone sale of home and give her time to work. (Jessicas company paid for the filing of the bk) Jessica was then able to speak with the bank and get a starting point to list our home. Over the course of several months, we had many offers and the bank kept refusing them, they wanted more money. In Sept of 2015, Jessica suggested trying for a loan modification instead of doing the short sale. Jessica filed all the paperwork for us to do a loan mod. After several follow up calls and resubmitting different paperwork, our initial attempt for a loan mod was turned down. That did not stop Jessica, she called our bank and found out what needed to happen to make the modification more presentable. She helped with the filling out of the additional paperwork and efaxed everything to the bank. After another several months, a countless number of phone calls and resubmitting by efax the same documents up to a dozen times, we were finally approved for a forbearance plan. They gave us 6 months to establish proof that we can make monthly payments on time and at the end of the 6 months we will try again for a loan mod. Jessica helped my family and I through this without any payment to her for anything. When I asked her why she would offer helping with a loan mod when it meant her getting no money from this. She said she likes helping people and if she can help them stay in their home and make them happy, then it is all worth it for her. Jessica, my family and I truly appreciate all that you have done for us and our repayment to you will be not to lose our house. If any of our family or friends need help with buying or selling a home, you will be the 1st person we refer them to. You are a wonderful person and without your thoughtfulness and caring for my family's well being we would have had to move from our home. Thank you Jessica, with all of my heart!


SummerTurner    *****

Jessica is awesome! She was always quick to respond when I had questions or concerns and she was honest with me. That was the number one thing that stood out the most about her. Instead of telling me what I wanted to hear, she was honest. I had no idea what I was doing but she was there every step of the way to get us through it. If you are looking for an agent look no further, she is AWESOME! Thank you so much Jessica!!!!